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    Main Customer Range

    MAXBADGES provides personalized services to competitions, police stations, fire departments, schools, clubs, associations, companies and charities worldwide. Our core philosophy is to fully research customer needs, from pre-planning, product design, manufacture to delivery, to provide the most suitable complete solution for the project.


    Depending on various events, we provide personalized trophies, medals and related products, to reflect the spirit and meaning of events.

    Basketball, soccer, football, golf, tennis, etc..

    Industry & Association

    We have mature production line and technical staff to maintain any budget for any design, shape

    Associations & Clubs Charities Schools& Institutions Various Social Organizations

    Business badge

    Badge is the spokesman for enterprises, who establish good image in public.Badge is the best gift to inspire employees, and has a certain value for collection. Presenting a badge, when your employee make outstanding contributions, to make him feel a sense of accomplishment.

    Commemorative coins, corporate gifts, promotional gifts or personal purchase, you will find that in every occasion we can meet your custom needs. Let our products help your business to promote the brand, improve sales!

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