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    Custom metal prudcts, Metal Lanyards and Badge Holders

    MAXBADGES’ trophies mostly made of non-ferrous metal, such as alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, etc., Trophies’ surfaces plating thickness of nickel or 18K-24K gold and other materials. Trophy bases are made of high-gloss piano wood, marble, metal, resin or crystal.

    The appearance with good-protected packaging will be elegant. Our experienced craftsmen will excellently complete your design and project!

    The badges are include enamel badges, printing badges, zinc alloy badges, copper badges.


    We apply our standard packages as leather case with sponge. All our cases and sponges are tailored by the shape of the awards. We guarantee the elegant awards is safe and sound during any transportation. Custom gift packaging is available upon request.

    Product Care:

    Metal awards may be wiped clean with a soft cloth that generally goes with our awards. Never use abrasive cleaners, household cleaners, window cleaning fluids or any abrasive cloths as these can scratch your award.

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